History Factory
Jul 24, 2020
Bruce Weindruch, History Factory's Founder & CEO
History Factory

BRUCE WEINDRUCH, History Factory’s founder and CEO, launched the field of heritage management over 40 years ago. His unique background, blending history and business, has given him the expertise to help major corporations, nonprofits and associations leverage their organizational heritage to benefit their bottom line. History Factory’s clients include Adobe, BlackRock, Brooks Brothers, Deloitte, Edward Jones, Goldman Sachs, New Balance, National Football League, Southwest, USAA, Verizon and Wrigley.

Bruce is the author of Start with The Future and Work Back: A Heritage Management Manifesto (Hamilton Books), which describes how leading global organizations leverage their heritage assets to advance their business agendas.

Bruce received his BA degree in American Civilization from Grinnell College and attended the George Washington University/Smithsonian Affiliation PhD. program. Prior to founding History Factory in 1979, he was a staff member at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.  

Bruce is a member of the Arthur W. Page Society, a member of the Board of Advisors of the Brand Heritage Institute, and a member of the Leadership Council of the Donald and Winifred Wilson Center for Innovation & Leadership at Grinnell College.