Feb 08, 2019 7:00 AM
Courtney Crowder, Des Moines Register Columnist
Storytelling to Create REAL Change: The Des Moines Register Storyteller's Project

Courtney Crowder is the first female Iowa Columnist for the Des Moines Register and a founding coach with the Des Moines Storytellers Project. She focuses on telling human stories with an investigative eye and a narrative touch. A graduate of New York University, Crowder is a gummy bear aficionado and a parallel parking master acquainting herself with gravel roads. Her Storytellers colleagues are Brian Smith, engagement editor, and Allen Vaughn, consumer experience director.

Note:  Courtney will lead the presentation,  but Brian and Allen will be a part of the Q&A session.

Storytelling to create REAL change.

Description: You’ve got to make people feel something to make them believe it. Using the Des Moines Storytellers Project model, Courtney Crowder and her colleagues from the Des Moines Register help regular people tell a 10 minute story with a meaning and a point. In each of these stories, these people own their space, deliver their truth and change minds – and communities – in the process. In today’s discussion Crowder and her colleagues will discuss the mission of the project, how they coach people to tell and how they throw one of these events.